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Wildlife and theme park - Le PAL in Dompierre-Sur-Besbre

Le PAL is an Allier family business founded 43 years ago and what makes it unique is that it’s the only park in France to have attractions, animals and accommodation. Le PAL has 27 attractions, 700 animals, animal shows and educational activities on its 35 hectares of nature.

The attractions - 27 family-friendly outdoor attractions

Each attraction has its own theme and destination. Canada with its Gold-Seekers’ Lake, Louisiana with Alligator Bay and Africa with King Kong… The fun attractions whisk you away to another world.

The animals - 700 animals living in semi-captivity in 35ha of nature

Le PAL has over 100 species meaning it’s home to incredibly diverse wildlife: lions and tigers from Asia, wallabies, giraffes, parrots, brown bears, wolves, meerkats, zebras, birds of prey, hippopotami, ostriches, elephants, otaries, seals, lynxes, lemurs, chimps and more.

Le PAL lodges – an authentic African camp in the heart of Auvergne. Unique in Europe.

31 unusual huts on stilts opened in 2013 and have won over thousands of families in search of a change of scene and the great outdoors (16,000 overnight stays in 2015). Occupancy rates doubled with 7 new lakeside lodges (designed in 2015) with views of the African lake’s hippopotami.